Make 2021 your best year eva.

7 week Live Group Program

even if you feel exhausted and stressed right now.


Fun Fact:
When you feel happy, inspired and loved-up,
everyone around you benefits!

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The Raddest Self Care Course Eva
starts Monday July 27th



  • You never have time to get everything done
  • You’re feeling depleted and run down, and don’t want that to be your “normal”
  • You’re stressed and sometimes anxious, darn it.
  • You tend to doubt yourself – despite being an authenticated intelligent super babe:

then take my hand – it’s not sweaty and I’ve sanitised I swear –
we’re gonna have an incredible adventure.

   Your program is anchoring me back to myself and where where I want to be, as opposed to where life had thrust me.

– Emma Higgins, Shine 2020 graduate

   The Rad Self Care course content was juicy and the online presence was bright, colourful and appealed to all the senses. 

The online catch ups were fun, insightful and challenging in all the right measure. 

As the course unveiled I found an incredible synchronicity between the weekly content and my every day life. This allowed my motivation to build and my interest keenly held throughout the whole program. 

I’m grateful to have on-going access to the Rad program content as I now reflect and continue on my self-care journey. 

Thank you Riss, for providing an outlet to be courageous and creative and to better articulate our needs and wants for our own self-care. 

Vicki Lawrence, Rad Self Care graduate

You’re the best.  I wish I could invent words to say how much
this course is making me
more me.  

Thank you so, so much for the live classes:
they’re full of surprises and magic!

Golbarg Shokrpour, Architect & Rad Self Care graduate

Thank you for creating this beautiful and inspiring course. It’s been a sparkly burst of joy amidst the crazy hustle of life. 

I’m also really glad we’ve got unlimited time to delve into your delicious content. I’ve loved working through the weeks and will be revisiting them again.

Anna Scheuringer, Event Manager & Raddest Self Care Course Eva graduate

I am so deeply grateful for the gift you give us.
The gift of expression.
The gift of self-exploration.
The gift of growth.
The gift of courage.
The gift of skill and effort.
The gift that you truly care.
Thank you so much Marissa.
I feel truly grateful that I can gift myself all of this.
Juz Grantham, Rad Self Care graduate

How do you want to look back on 2021?

Using beautiful self-discovery processes, you’ll fully own the 7 areas of self care essential to your ability to rock in life

Whether in normal times or during a pandemic: psychologists agree women thrive and therefore have greater capacity, when they invest in the vital 7 areas.  Fundamentally improve your relationship with money, boundaries, your creativity etc etc – and you will grow more radiant, and more you.

Featuring the best information from the world’s leading experts and presented in a ridiculously fun and supportive group program, Rad Self Care draws on Marissa’s rich experience as a teacher of thousands in festivals and classes, through directing The Cassettes 80s Flashmob Dance.

The Rad group coaching program includes top teachings from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,The Artist’s Way, Tim Ferris, Brene Brown, The Barefoot Investor, and the research of behavioural scientists and psychologists including Carol Williams-Nickelson.  

Your team of Guest Teachers include Mindfulness Meditation with Melli O’Brien, Pilates with Danielle Linegar, Voice as pathway to Spirit with Kathryn Riding, Comedian Mandy Nolan telling it how it is, Finance Coaching for Women from Zoe Lammont, CEO of Verve etc.

The live 10 week group coaching program has loads of other valuable bonuses, from energising 80s Dance Videos to a one-on-one Coaching Call.  All materials within the Program – the many PDFs, Audio and Video files are fully downloadable.

Riss is absolutely pumped to support you in the most splendiferous manner possible. 

Being a sparkly student in Rad, versus learning about yourself alone, surrounded by the busyness of life:  It’s the difference between trawling through an op-shop in a stolen moment of time, and having a personal stylist from Mannequin curate exactly what you want to wear, over a glass of champagne.

Rad provides a firm and fabulous framework, with Marissa’s trademark Cassette confidence, play, self-discovery, FUN, depth and lady power to the areas of your life that matter most.

This is not another
item on your to-do list.

It’s a chance to experience life as your best and brightest self.



It’s time for a seriously fun and life-changing adventure.

Hear what other legendary ladies are saying:

…Thank you to Marissa for creating such a beautiful, engaging, well thought-out course.  I really really enjoyed it, and got such a lot out of it.

…I didn’t actually know what self love really was; beyond taking a long bath and having a glass of wine and doing a face pack. 

And when I was really given the opportunity to stop and think, and use the amazing tools that Marissa made available to me, I found that a lot of what she was guiding us to, was knowledge that I already had within me: but that I didn’t know how to access.

It made it feel like self care was attainable, and something that I can continue – without the handholding from Marissa.

I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend this course.  I know that from now, I will be taking all the tools, lessons and awakenings with me, into my daily life.

– Rohini Drury, Raddest Self Care Course Eva group coaching program graduate.

Marissa has extremely delightful and playful nature.  In particular her use of language is really inspiring, it made me smile and lit me up.

I loved the complete lack of judgement that I felt: Wow.  It’s not a prescriptive course, enabling me to make the best choices in my life, for me. 

And I think that is so wonderful and so refreshing. 

– Clare, Raddest Self Care Course Eva group coaching program graduate.

One can never consent to creep, when one feels an impulse to soar.

– Helen Keller

What you’ll get at

8 x LIVE 1 hour
Coaching Calls with Riss and gorgeous Rad students:

Value $500

Know the 7 essential areas
of Self Care for yourself.

Can you afford not to?


Closed FB
support group, “Shining My Light” brain trust.

Value: Priceless.


Powerful PDFs, Videos and Guided Audio activities:
all downloable.

Value: $480.

24 x
Cassettes 80s Dance

exclusive 10 week course content.
5 enriching trainings per module:

Value $700

14 x Bonus Lessons.
Including an entire
7 Day Mindfulness Meditation Course

Value: $600



7 x Guest Speakers 
giving nourishing experiences

 Value $350


Direct learning
from Marissa, your qualified, experienced and inspiring teacher.

Value:  Priceless.


30min private Coaching Call,
where we create your customised Self Care Program:

Value $140


Lifetime access
VIP entry to future live run throughs and all course content.

 Value: Infinite


And so much more.


Total Value: $3,150

Your price: $595

If your heart is saying yes,
join our transformative Live Group Coaching Program today.

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I’m ready to leap to the next shimmery level!

Take 20% off
Payment plan
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I’m ready to leap to the next shimmery level!

take 20% off
today only = $476

 Join now and receive Lifetime Access to
Rad course content AND future live run throughs:
A beautiful, research-based source of inspiration, strength and support.
You’re gonna fly!

Thank you for creating something so powerful and whole hearted that aligned in perfect timing with my life: Rad has helped me step up into the greater version of the she-ra woman I wanna be! 

So I realised through the Rad Self Care exercises that not only does money NOT equal stress, but also that when I educate myself on any subject, I become more familiar, more empowered, more successful. 
I’m running TOWARDS not away now. HIYAAAAA! 
Thank you Marissa!

– Miriam Damvar, Rad Self Care graduate

It’s never too late, or too early to be the person you want to be.  We can make the best or worst of it. 
You can change, or stay the same.    I hope you make the best of it.
– F Scott Fitzgerald.

Let’s Break It Down

Week 1

Welcome + Intro to Rad Self Care

  • Bust through Blocks PDF
    Dissolve unconscious barriers to self love
  • Commit to Self Care: Sign the Oath PDF and Guided Audio Relaxation
    So you wholeheartedly enter the process, ready to receive
  • Introduction to the 7 Areas of Self Care with Life Assessment PDF
    See where you’re at now, before discovering and uplifting each area.
  • BONUS Lesson: The Gift of Time PDF
    Gain hours of time back and shift your relationship with time: so you can feel relaxed, and in control.

Week 2

Physical Self Care

  • Supercharged Food PDF
    So eating is enjoyable, tasty, nourishing and quick to prepare, enabling greater ease and stabilised mood.
  • My Dream Bedtime Routine PDF and Guided Audio
    You can get the sleep you need and feel rested and safe.
  • Love the Way You Look PDF and Guided Audio 
    Examine and move through deep beauty blocks, so you can feel and see your innate gorgeousness.
  • BONUS Lesson: Guest Speaker Danielle Linegar, Pilates 30min Session you can do again and again, so you feel toned and centered.

Week 3

Relational (aka partner and kids) Self Care 


  • Tolerances, PDF
    Removing frustrations and resentments from your closest relationships, so you can love and enjoy each other (and get the house work done equitably!) 
  • Creating the Future, Audio Relaxation
    So you can visualise and move into where you really want your beautiful relationships to be
  • Love Languages PDF
    So the love tanks are filled with the right fuel, so your loved ones and you feel seen and appreciated for who you are
  • Intimacy Inventory PDF
    So you can have the kind of sexual connection that properly turns you on and fulfils you
  • BONUS Lesson: Guest Speaker Claire Nettley, Healthy Boundaries
    45min video so you can speak your truth and have your needs met, while feeling loving and at ease.

Week 4

Emotional Self Care

  • Discover your Deepest Values PDF
    Providing you with a bedrock of stability and inner knowing, providing meaning and peace.
  • Serenity, Courage and Wisdom PDF
    You’ll unpack how to be free, empowered and genuine in all circumstances.  Handy!
  • Easy Drawing and Poetry Share 
    Your creativity is invited to play!  Difficult emotions turn into freshness and light.
  • My Feelings and Needs PDF
    So you can understand and get to know and love your inner world, and attract what makes you shine.
  • BONUS Lesson: 7 Day Mindful Meditation Course with Guest Speaker Melli O’Brien
    7 x 10minute Guided Audio, so you can practice this light and gentle meditation, soothing anxiety and growing inner peace.


Week 5

Integration week

Week 6

Financial Self Care

Week 7

Social Self Care

  • BONUS Lesson: Zoom Party
    Featuring a curated, fun and beautiful “talent quest”, so you can share a spark of joy, and celebrate being imperfect yet awesome together.

Week 8

Intellectual Self Care

Week 9

Spiritual Self Care

  • Give it to God guided activity
    So you don’t have to carry your burdens alone.
  • Gratitude Touchstones Poetry Play
    Bringing a personal sense of appreciation and beauty
  • Thank you letter
    So you feel the joy of expressing gratitude
  • Nature Mandala outdoor task
    Stress relief in a peaceful guided activity
  • BONUS Guest Teacher Voice Work with Kathryn Riding 
    Kathryn leads 30-minute class.  Using vocal vibrations within your body to harmonise mind, body and spirit.

Week 10

A Rad Conclusion

7 Areas Weaving Activity
Touch and feel the interconnection of the parts of your life, so you feel at ease within yourself, and have a beautiful handmade symbol of your inherent worth.

  • My Place of Power PDF
    So you can be a calm, centred and uplifting influence to those around you, in all areas.
  • Certificate of Achievement
    To acknowledge and breath in your incredible  progress, and feel genuinely proud of yourself. 
  • Review Your Journey Survey
    Option to give your feedback, have your ideas included, helping other women to gain these benefits.

Omg, can you feel that balance?


  • Mega Bonus 1:
    3 x 5minute Cassette 80s Dance home videos are included EVERY WEEK of the program
    Giving you physical fun and fitness, feminine muscle tone and increased flexibility, your 80s dance vids are choreographed by Marissa for The Cassettes and with special guests.  Yours to keep, you have easy access to a huge variety of Beginner – Intermediate dance sequences, led with expertise.  You’ll feel playful, sexy and humorous all at once.
  • Mega Bonus 2:
    9 x curated music playlists, so you can groove through each week to an upbeat Self Care sound track, integrating each week’s theme in style.
  • Mega Bonus 3:
    8 x LIVE 1 hour group classes with Marissa
    , Tuesdays 12midday.  That’s 8 weekly hours of direct magical enjoyment.  A highlight of the program for many.  You’ll be beautifully held in these exciting, imaginative and deeply connected group classes.
  • Mega Bonus 4:
    Additional resources within the Program include podcasts and episodes from inspirational, unusual sources.  

Registration open until midnight on Fri July 24th, 2020.


Our LIVE program is 10 weeks, and runs from July 27th – Oct 5th, 2020.

Students access each week’s module content Monday 7am.
Live classes Tuesday 12.00 – 1.00pm.  Replay emailed same day, so you can access any time.

All Video, Guided Audio PDF content fully downloadable: to reuse whenever you wish.

All timings
Australian Eastern Standard Time


Creator of Rad Self Care, Marissa is also the founder of The Cassettes’ 80s Flashmob Dance: Byron Bay’s largest and most radical adult dance school. Marissa has appeared in The Guardian, Channel 7’s Sunrise TV and ABC TV, and created work for QPAC, Brisbane Powerhouse, Judith Wright Centre, and HOTA. Marissa has led many hundreds of students at her sell-out workshops, on the stages of Australia’s biggest (and most beautiful) festivals including Woodford, Falls Festival, Seven Sisters Festival, Splendour in the Grass etc and in her home town, Mullumbimby Music Festival.

Her care, passion and ability to connect with and deeply inspire her students, has made her teaching renowned.

Dear precious lady; gorgeous woman; human being,

I’m thrilled to be here with you, holding your hand as we discover and delight in: YOU.

Do you realise how worthwhile you are? I do. You absolutely rock.

Beautiful, talented woman, you are innately and incredibly worthwhile, and deserve to be cared for.

I’ve helped hundreds of women uncover their own glittering potential – it’s been an absolutely joy to witness. You can too.

The only way is up, baby, for you and me now – Yazz, 1988

The Shine Program will help you to find and stay in your light. 
So you can enjoy and be your best self.  Uniquely you.

I’m passionate about supporting you, and can’t wait
to work with you.

Are you ready to feel valued, and to shine your light? 
Hooray!  I can’t wait to meet you.

In love and lightning sparkles,

I highly recommend the Rad Self Care Course! I joined as was drawn to the fun 80’s dancing component, but truly discovered that it was so much more than this!  I learnt a lot.  It was nice to take a ‘deep dive’ into all different aspects of self care as hadn’t done this before, and have learnt simple ways to make self care part of my life.

It was also lots of fun connecting with ladies from all around Australia via zoom from the comfort of my lounge room each week for our live group training.  Being a Mum of young children, this was a very handy way to attend a class.

– Sarah Jayne-Markwell, Rad Self Care Course graduate

Some things shine like gold.  Thanks Marissa Treichel for the Rad Self Care Course.  Thanks for bringing all your heart to life and sharing it with the lucky rest of us.

…And if you don’t know why you need a self care course, then trust me, you need it! 

Paula Brown, Rad Self Care Course graduate

Marissa your work has allowed me to rebuild my self-confidence, to actively nurture it back to fruition. I’m so grateful.  “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” – Anais Nin.
You are a courage muse for me! I give thanks to the universe for the wonderful zany bubble of light that is you.
Samala Heart, Parent, Waste Educator and Scientist

Being a student with Marissa is fun, challenging and inspiring.
Jo Smail, Rad Self Care Course graduate

I can’t wait to encourage and support you too. To witness your glowing inner light grow into an irrepressible golden bon fire!



Your relationship with yourself is the single most defining factor in how the rest of your life unfolds.

Bring this shimmery gift of 80s-infused transformative Self Care into your life today: and experience the benefits forever.

If you’ve read this far, you owe it to yourself to take the plunge.
Splash!  Now there is glitter everywhere! 
Your future self will thank you.


I’m ready to leap to the next shimmery level!

Take 20% off
Payment plan
4 x $160 instalments
today only = $128


I’m ready to leap to the next shimmery level!

take 20% off
today only = $476

 Join now and receive Lifetime Access to
Rad course content AND future live run throughs:
A beautiful, research-based source of inspiration, strength and support.

I highly recommend The Raddest Self Care – it’s such a great course.  There’s loads of valuable content that I’m going to keep going back to.

I’ve learned a lot about myself. 

I’m more on top of my finances than I’ve ever been. 

I’m much better at setting boundaries. 

I’ve identified my values – which has helped me to be less reactive in the way I respond to things in my life.

 It’s really taught me to value my time, and work out what it is that I need to nurture myself.   

I would highly recommend Rad Self Care to anyone – particularly sensitive, creative types!  

It helps you work out what you’re willing to do in order to flourish creatively, and in every other sense: in every area of your life.

– Ruth Walker, Raddest Self Care Course Eva group coaching program graduate.

My experience is what I agree to attend to.

Will James