I know from personal experience, 

when your relationship isn’t at its best,

your energy feels drained. 


Make time for incoming joy and twinkles, this Thursday 15th.

Free class enrolment ends:








Here’s what you’ll get!

with Riss as your personal guide:


  • Discover the truth of your relationship: Quality of Relationship Assessment

  • Connect to a sparkly group

  • Shed worries and feel your aliveness! Cassettes 80s Dance

  • Discover exciting possibilities for your relationship

  • Identify your unique strengths: Creative task

  • Live class attendees also receive a special Shine Your Light PDF activity: Yours to keep, to inspire you to shine bright as the incredible human that you are.

I can’t wait to grow with you and the amazing women already enrolled in Thursday’s live class.

In love and lightning bolts,
x Riss