Are you feeling a bit tired and frustrated
in your relationship atm? I absolutely know that feeling!

At the same time, are you ready to bring the good vibes in
and step into your sparkle?

*Cue music!*

Shine my Light, in Relationships

2 week Live Program with Riss

We start Monday 26th October

~ Final program for 2020 ~



Fun fact:

When you feel happy, fulfilled and loved up:
everyone benefits


The Roadmap


Each week is a game-changer

Module 1

Healthy Boundaries

  • With Guest Teacher, Claire Nettley.  If you tend to absorb other people’s feelings; have trouble speaking up and communicating easily; or feel responsible for how other’s are feeling; you’ll love this incredibly helpful lesson.  Claire unpacks what boundaries are and how to use them, so you can have much greater confidence, ease and self-compassion.  Video lesson.
  • Value: $120

Module 2

Time After Time 

  • Find out what’s draining your energy and finally address subtle reoccurring problems, so you can release frustration and regain your natural joy.  This activity directly improves your self-esteem and your relationships, and has an enormous impact on your future.  Hooray!  PDF and Video lesson.
  • Value: $120

Module 3

Fill the Well with Love

  • Utilise the 5 Love Languages you’ll learn how to connect in a way that others understand and desire, so you can quickly build mutual trust, connection and goodwill. Giving feels great, when it’s heard and received, and fills the love bank.  PDF and Video lesson.
  • Value: $90

Module 4

5 Year Relationship Vision

  • Get clear on what you really and specifically want in your relationship, so you can upgrade the script of your future.  We all have very active imaginations, working subconsciously.  In this task you take the reigns, using your creativity to redirect yourself into the love story you really want.  Guided audio and PDF lesson.
  • Value: $90

Learning with Riss has allowed me to rebuild my self-confidence, to actively nurture it back to fruition. I’m so grateful.  “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” – Anais Nin.
You are a courage muse for me!
Samala Heart, Parent, Waste Educator and past student

You’re the best.  I wish I could invent words to say how much
this course is making me
more me.  

Thank you so, so much for the live classes:
they’re full of surprises and magic!

Golbarg Shokrpour, Architect & Rad Self Care graduate

with Guest Teachers

Claire Nettley

Claire is a Boundaries and Mindful Living Coach.  Former President of Yoga Australia and Women’s Health Magazine Yoga expert, Claire is also an iRest, yoga and meditation teacher.  She loves supporting women to reclaim their time, energy and freedom.

Lauren Tober

Clinical Psychologist and senior yoga teacher, Lauren is the founder of “Centre for Mind Body Wellness” in Mullumbimby.  Lauren regularly teaches irest yoga nidra and mindfulness mediation, including for treating anxiety.

Kathryn Riding

Kathryn is a voice, yoga and movement teacher of 30 years, including lecturing at NIDA, WAAPA and QUT.  Kathryn has hosted her acclaimed Bali retreats Artistry of the Soul, for many years.  Kathryn helps her students bring the divine into everyday life, with a sense of playfulness.  


 Plus Bonus stack

2 x weekly LIVE 1hr Group Coaching Calls with Riss and the gang, plus replays

Value $160

Lifetime access
VIP entry to future live run throughs and program content

 Value: Priceless

Cassettes mini acrylic lightning bolt
sent to your letterbox.

Wear and own a symbol of your creativity and spark.

“But they’ll never change” 
PDF and video lesson: To decrease worry, and increase your positive influence

Value: $60

4 x
80s Dance


“The More I Care for Myself, the More I Shine” colouring in PDF and video party.  
Integrate personal growth with colour and joy.

Value $40

“Unblock Your Voice”
 video lesson with Guest Teacher from NIDA, Kathryn Riding

 Value $90  

“Self Love for Beginners Guide”

Value: $50

Fun and inspiration
with Riss, your spangly, qualified and experienced facilitator.

Value:  Priceless

“Ride on Time” PDF:
How to get hours of time back.  

My all-time favourite tool.

Value: $60

Best 80s Love Songs of all time Spotify playlist by Riss, so you can rock on  

Value: $40

And so much more.

Total Bonus Stack value: $520

+ Total Core Module value: $420

= Total value: $940


Your price, $190


Further 15% off, use coupon: shine








Relational Self Care is ESSENTIAL to women’s ability to rock in life.  As you know, your relationship has a huge impact on how you feel, and all aspects of your life.  Let’s get it rocking again.


Ridiculously affordable, the 4 week Shine: in my Relationship Program is well-researched, fun in a crazy-enriching way, beautifully presented and easy to do.  It’s life-changing work, for busy women….busy women who happen to be creative, sensitive, intelligent and awesome. 
Yes, like you.  


By joining this adventure, you’ll raise the frequency of your current and future relationships – in other words, you’ll have an easier and more fruitful time in them: be it work, friendships, partner and of course with your amazing self.  Plus you get to feel nourished, excited and cared for in the process, with a sparkly gorgeous group.


I can’t wait to support you,


Riss x

Registration open until midnight on Sun OCT 25TH, 2020.


Our LIVE program is 2 weeks, and runs from Oct 26th – NOV 6TH, 2020.

Students access each week’s module content Monday 11am.
Live classes THURS 8 – 9pm, Replay emailed, so you can access any time.

All Video, Guided Audio PDF content fully downloadable: to reuse whenever you wish.

All timings
Australian Eastern Standard Time


Dear precious lady; gorgeous woman; human being,

I’m thrilled to be here with you, holding your hand as we discover and delight in: YOU.

Do you realise how worthwhile you are? I do. You absolutely rock.

Beautiful, talented woman, you are innately and incredibly worthwhile, and deserve to be cared for, and have a hoot!

I’ve supported hundreds of women uncover their own glittering potential – it’s been an absolutely joy to witness. You can too.

The only way is up, baby, for you and me now – Yazz, 1988

The Shine Program will help you to find and stay in your light. 
So you can enjoy and be your best self.  Uniquely you.

I’m passionate about supporting you, and can’t wait
to work with you.

Are you ready to feel valued, and to shine your light? 
Hooray!  I can’t wait to meet you.

In love and lightning sparkles,

Are you ready

to step into your sparkle?

    As the course unveiled I found an incredible synchronicity between the weekly content and my every day life. This allowed my motivation to build and my interest keenly held throughout the whole program. 

I’m grateful to have on-going access to the Program content. 

Thank you Riss, for providing an outlet for me to be courageous and creative and to better articulate our needs and wants for my own self-care. 

I especially loved the live catch ups.  The course was fun, insightful and challenging in all the right measure.

Vicki Lawrence, Rad Self Care graduate

Thank you for creating this beautiful and inspiring course. It’s been a sparkly burst of joy amidst the crazy hustle of life. 

I’m also really glad we’ve got unlimited time to delve into your delicious content. I’ve loved working through the weeks and will be revisiting them again.

Anna Scheuringer, Event Manager & Rad Self Care graduate

I am so deeply grateful for the gift you give us.
The gift of expression.
The gift of self-exploration.
The gift of growth.
The gift of courage.
The gift of skill and effort.
The gift that you truly care.
Thank you so much Riss.
I feel truly grateful that I can gift myself all of this.
Juz Grantham, Rad Self Care graduate

I highly recommend this program. I joined as was drawn to the fun 80’s dancing component, but truly discovered that it was so much more than this!  I learnt a lot.  It was nice to take a ‘deep dive’ into all different aspects of self care as hadn’t done this before, and have learnt simple ways to make self care part of my life.

It was also lots of fun connecting with ladies from all around Australia via zoom from the comfort of my lounge room each week for our live group training.  Being a Mum of young children, this was a very handy way to attend a class.

– Sarah Jayne-Markwell, Rad Self Care graduate

Some things shine like gold.  Thanks Marissa Treichel for the Rad Program.  Thanks for bringing all your heart to life and sharing it with the lucky rest of us.

…And if you don’t know why you need a self care course, then trust me, you need it! 

Paula Brown, Rad Self Care Course graduate

Being a student with Marissa is fun, challenging and inspiring.
Jo Smail, Rad Self Care Course graduate