Morning Yoga Affirmations
Series 1:

5 minutes

In this succinct practice, you will:

  • Create space within yourself
  • Wake up your body
  • Stimulate a positive, empowered and zesty state of mind, and
  • Give your spirit a twinkle.

Press play on the vid now, as we move through Series 1 together.

The affirmations can be said aloud, or with your inner voice : )

  1. “I face life’s challenges with an open heart.”
  2. “I am filled with joy, energy and vitality.”
  3. “I let go of all tension, all worries, all anxiety.”
  4. “Strength and courage flow through me.”
  5. “I forgive myself and my burdens are lifted.”
  6. “I walk with humility on the earth.”

    Affirmations led by Marissa Treichel for Rad Self Care, adapted from Annalisa Cunningham’s “Stretch and Surrender”, with energy injection from Swift Wing.

There are 7 series of Morning Yoga Affirmations within The Raddest Self Care Course Eva, corresponding to each of the essential 7 areas of self care for women.

Print “4 Steps to Winning the Day Like She-Ra”, to immediately enjoy a more inspiring and supportive morning routine.

If you win the morning, you win the day.
– Tim Ferris

By that logic, as we step out of our unicorn onesie / other favourite pyjamas AND winning the day, makes us absolute champions.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Eleanor Roosevelt

Creator of Rad Self Care, Marissa is also the founder of The Cassettes’ 80s Flashmob Dance: Byron Bay’s largest and most radical adult dance school. Marissa has appeared in The Guardian, Channel 7’s Sunrise TV and ABC TV, and created work for QPAC, Brisbane Powerhouse, Judith Wright Centre, and HOTA. Marissa has led many hundreds of students at her sell-out workshops, on the stages of Australia’s biggest (and most beautiful) festivals including Woodford, Falls Festival, Seven Sisters Festival, Splendour in the Grass etc and in her home town, Mullumbimby Music Festival.

Her care, passion and ability to connect with and deeply inspire her students, has made her teaching renowned.

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