For years, I felt I wasn’t worth enough.

I kept giving more and more of myself away: hoping I would be appreciated and acknowledged, and maybe even celebrated.  I even gave bucketloads of precious time and energy to people who weren’t even respectful.  Ouch!

I was looking wayyy outside myself, trying to get confirmation that I was worthwhile.  Instead of daring to look inside and ask:

What do I like? What do I want?

Self-doubt -> to Self-Confidence -> 7 Self-Care Steps

If you can relate, this is your time to change that story.



What you’ll get in this LIVE seven-day challenge

with Marissa personally guiding you:


  • Discover the 7 Areas of Self Care that are ESSENTIAL to women’s ability to rock in life.

  • Receive 7 x powerful PDF activities to your inbox each day of the challenge: Yours to keep, these will inspire you to shine bright as the incredible human that you are.

  • Daily LIVE 15-minute video classes: Get to know one key Area of Self-Care per day: Prepare for seven juicy “Aha!” moments.

  • Very cool prizes raffled during our live classes: Win an organic “mum bag”; a personalised 80s dance video from Marissa; a pair of custom made radical lightning bolt earrings.

  • Guest Speakers from The Raddest Self Care Course Eva, including Claire Nettley, discussing healthy boundaries, and what “selfish” really means.  Hint: it’s not when you care for your own needs!

Absolutely free, the 7 Day Challenge is well-researched, beautifully presented and easy to do.  It’s life-changing work, for busy people!


By joining this adventure, you’ll feel yourself start to move from self-doubt into sparkly self-confidence.  And that my dear, is entirely what you deserve: to live and enjoy being your best and brightest self.  There’s a world of excitement and inspiration inside, waiting for you to discover.

I can’t wait to support you and the hundreds of incredible women already enrolled in the 7 Day Challenge.

In shimmery self-care sparkles,
Marissa (Riss!)

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