Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. Your positivity and fun energy are infectious.
– Kirsten Butler, Stylist

Marissa’s teaching has allowed me to rebuild my self-confidence, to actively nurture it back to fruition.  I’m so grateful.
“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage” – Anais Nin.
Marissa is a courage muse for me!
I give thanks to the universe for the wonderful zany bubble of light that is she.
– Samala Heart, mother of twins, crafter and Waste Educator

I am so deeply grateful for the gift you give us Riss.

The gift of expression.
The gift of going deep within.
The gift of laughter.
The gift of connection.
The gift of self-exploration.
The gift of growth.
The gift of courage.
The gift of skill and effort.
The gift that you truly care.

Thank you so much Marissa.
I feel truly grateful that I can gift myself all of this.
– Juz Grantham, mother of two and Child Care Professional

“Love all things that make you strong

– Amiri Baraka

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